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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can my child participate in Soccer Shots?

Soccer Shots is held at childcare centers, preschools and schools, as well as public locations. Our public programs are open to the general public while our childcare center and school programs are only open to those enrolled at the location.

What type of equipment will my child need to participate?

Soccer Shots provides all of the equipment needed at each of our sessions. Your child should wear activity-appropriate clothing. Cleats and shin guards are NOT necessary.

How do I know the locations of the park programs?

To find public programs in your area, select View Locations at the top of this page.

Can I have Soccer Shots start a park program near me?

Yes! We are always willing to start a public program near you. The easiest way for this to happen is for you to form a group of eight children willing to take part in a Soccer Shots season. These could be children from your neighborhood, friends from church or synagogue, or your parent groups. We’re happy to help talk through ideas on how to make this happen. Please contact your local director for more information.

What can I expect from a Soccer Shots session?

Our weekly 30-40 minute sessions focus on basic soccer skills like dribbling, passing and shooting. Through fun games and positive reinforcement, children will begin to experience the joy of playing soccer and being active. We also highlight a positive character trait each session such as respect, teamwork and appreciation.

The class is full and my only option is "join the waitlist". How does that work?

When a spot becomes available you will receive an automatic notification letting you know that you can enroll.

This email will go to all families on the waitlist and is first-come-first-served for the available spot. If there are others on the same list they have the same opportunity to enroll as you, so act fast to claim the spot!

Being on the waitlist is the best way to stay informed about added classes, or new opportunities for any current season, as we reach out to you first. We take your interest into account when adding more program sites or more time at existing locations based on our ability to staff up!

If you are on the waitlist, you can always enroll in another public location and remain on the waitlist for your desired location. If a spot opens you will be notified. Email us to request a transfer.

Special tip: In the case of high demand we encourage you to sign up for the newly opened space in your preferred class to claim your spot. Then we can refund the previous enrollment that you no longer want.

Thank you for expressing interest in Soccer Shots!

What is your Inclement Weather Policy?

Summer Heat Index rules we follow:

• When the heat index is between 80-90 degrees, we play.
• When the heat index is between 90-105 degrees, we play and increase water/rest breaks during each session.
• When the heat index is 106 or above, we do not play.


Winter Wind Chill rules we follow:
• When the wind-chill is below 25, we do not play.

Rain rules we follow:
• We DO play in the rain, but not in storms. Because we have locations throughout the greater Philadelphia area and our leadership team cannot be at every site at once, we rely on the weather forecasts from the National Weather Service and local news stations to make the call. Sometimes that works favorably, and sometimes it, unfortunately, does not.
• We will play in a passing shower, but if there is thunder and lightning, we will postpone at the first sound of thunder until 20 minutes after the last sound of thunder.
• If it is over 50 degrees with a light or passing shower, we may play in these conditions as long as the field is safe. This can be the most fun sessions of soccer for the whole season!
• We play in non-rainy/snowy conditions as long as the feel-like temperature is above 25 degrees.
Weather Chart:
• We often refer to this chart below when determining safe playing conditions in hot and cold weather:

How do I know if a session is postponed due to inclement weather?

We try our best to make a decision at least 2 hours in advance of your class if we postpone due to weather. In the case of inclement weather, Soccer Shots will notify you of any postponements by text, email, and a post on social media. If you don’t hear from us on the day of class, expect that we are planning to play. Once coaches go to the field, they are given the ability to make a call from the field if the weather turns poor.

What is your policy for makeup sessions?

• We schedule one makeup date into our permits for each season and use this in the case of inclement weather (rain, snow, or extreme heat or cold).
• If we have more than one inclement weather day, we will make every effort to offer additional value with longer sessions and/or digital sessions to provide the maximum enrichment resources possible per season.
• Makeup classes may be held on a different day or time than the regularly scheduled class. If a makeup is postponed due to weather, it will not be rescheduled.
• Soccer Shots reserves the right to cancel any program due to insufficient enrollment. Upon cancellation, a full refund is offered.

Will my child get a soccer jersey?

If you enroll your child in Soccer Shots to participate in anywhere from one to multiple seasons of Soccer Shots throughout a year, your child will receive a youth jersey. Youth jerseys are distributed one time per year and are included in the cost of enrollment, regardless of the number of seasons you sign your child up for within that year.

Jerseys are distributed via mail and addressed to the child. You will receive tracking information once the jersey has shipped to your address.
Please understand that if you enroll within two weeks of the season start date, your child is not guaranteed to receive their jersey before the first session.
Should you have any questions about your child’s youth jersey shipment, or if you would like to exchange sizes, please contact [email protected].
Please note, some Soccer Shots programs do not include jerseys, such as birthday parties, demos, free play days and school-paid sessions.

Who do I contact if I need to exchange my child's jersey for a different size?

If you need to exchange your child’s jerseys for a different size, please contact [email protected]. Please provide your name, your child’s name, your shipping address, the size you received and the size you are requesting. You will receive a response within 1 business day. Please note, jerseys must be in new condition with the tag still attached to be accepted as a return.