Important Updates

All evening sessions today, Thursday, October 7th at NoShok & Bethel are rescheduled due to inclement weather. Please see our email for full details.

Reminder for weather cancelations: If we need to cancel due to weather, you will receive an email and text alert to the contact information you provided when enrolling. We will also post the updates on Facebook which will show in the ‘from the sidelines’ section on our main page here.


Starting September 5th all participants are required wear a face-covering when on soccer island or when within 6 feet of those outside your household. A reminder that you may have your child take a break at any time and remove their face-covering when at least 6 feet away from soccer island and those outside your household. You may take as many breaks as you’d like for as long as you’d like.

If you or your child are sick, please stay home even if you believe it is just a cold. It appears that the delta variant symptoms more frequently mimic a common cold such as having a runny/stuffy nose. Help your child practice good hygiene habits such as covering their nose and/or mouth when coughing or sneezing. We recommend bringing 1-2 extra face coverings in case the one your child is wearing becomes soiled or wet.

We hope that cases and positivity rates decline, if they do and community transmission appears low once again, OR children are able to be vaccinated, we can once again lift the face-covering requirement. Again, children’s safety is always our top priority.

For school programs, we will be following the school guidelines.


Soccer Shots offers three different programs to meet the developmental needs of children aged 2-8. See below to find the program that is right for your child.

We are committed to providing a positive growth experience for your child using our expert-approved curriculum to teach new character words and skills each week while having fun!

Programs are offered in childcare centers, preschools and schools, as well as public locations. Our standard programs are outlined below. Watch each short video to learn more about that specific program.

Every child is different, so the ages listed are suggestions. We are happy to work with you to figure out the right program for your child.


2 to 3 year olds

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Soccer Shots Mini is a high-energy program introducing children to fundamental soccer principles, such as using your feet, dribbling and the basic rules of the game.

Through fun games, songs and positive reinforcement, children will begin to experience the joy of playing soccer and being active.


3 to 5 year olds (Pre-k)

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Soccer Shots Classic utilizes creative and imaginative games to focus on basic soccer skills like dribbling, passing and shooting.

We also highlight a positive character trait each session such as respect, teamwork and appreciation.


5 to 8 year olds (K-2nd)

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Soccer Shots Premier focuses on individual skill, fitness and sportsmanship, providing an opportunity for children to be challenged through fun games and team interaction.

Children will also be introduced to competition in a developmentally appropriate manner.