Meet The Coaches

We are proud to have the best coaches in youth soccer.

Coach Amanda

Coach Amanda

Executive Director

Coach Amanda is from Staten Island, New York. She moved to San Diego in March 2018 to continue impacting children on and off the soccer field. Coach Amanda coached & directed for the Soccer Shots franchise in Staten Island before her move. Coach Amanda graduated from the University of Vermont where she played Division 1 soccer.

She earned her Bachelors’s Degree in Early Childhood Special Education with a concentration in Communication Sciences and Disorders. Coach Amanda has been playing soccer since the age of 4, she typically plays in the midfield. Coach Amanda’s favorite food is pizza and she loves to make it from scratch. In her free time, Coach Amanda likes to play soccer with her friends; she is a part of a co-ed league & a women’s league here in San Diego.

Fun fact about Coach Amanda: when she was first introduced to soccer she loved to play with grass more than the actual soccer ball. “Each week I would look forward to going to soccer practice, however, once I got there I would chase butterflies and play with the grass. After a year of not playing soccer I one day just decided to join in. I have been playing soccer ever since and thank my dad for continuing to bring me to the soccer field regardless of if I played or not.”

“I enjoy teaching children about the sport I love, it also fascinates me how much they enjoy learning character development while interacting with their peers. I love doing this job because of the impact Soccer Shots sessions have on children. Moving to San Diego has allowed me to visit some awesome townships and meet amazing families and children!” 

Coach Amanda’s favorite Soccer Shots game is the Silly Martian game, “children always love to kick coach with a soccer ball, and it is truly amazing to see all of them smile and giggle while doing it!” Coach Amanda can’t wait to share her passion for soccer, character development, and enthusiasm with your children!​

Coach Andrew

Coach Andrew

Programs Coordinator

Coach Andrew graduated from Chapman University where he earned a Bachelors in Sociology with a Minor in Physical Education for Elementary. He was a scholarship football player in college and a multi-sport athlete at Grossmont High School where he excelled in soccer, track and field, football, and baseball. Coach Andrew first played soccer when he was 5 years old and he believes it helped him excel in all other sports in his life. His favorite position in soccer is forward because who doesn’t like scoring goals?!

Coach Andrew has been working with children for over 18 years and found the Soccer Shots opportunity while working in an after-school program. His experience of working with youth and his passion for sports made coaching for Soccer Shots an easy match. When Andrew is not coaching he enjoys being a Dad and going to the beach with his family. He has a 4-year-old daughter and they love eating their favorite food together, pizza!

“I like teaching children new games and character development words so they can learn new things every week when I am coaching soccer shots. I love being a soccer coach and having fun with all the different children I teach all over San Diego.

My favorite Soccer Shots game is Castle keepers. It is a really fun way to teach children how to be goalie and the other children get to try to score goals. It is a good way to teach two positions in one game.” Coach Andrew can’t wait to share his passion for sports, character development, and healthy lifestyles with your children!

Coach Andrick

Part Time Coach

Coach Andrick is from Ramona, CA, and is a current psychology student at Maryville University. He came for the opportunities and beautiful sunny weather. Being able to play soccer with the weather being in sunny conditions is his favorite.
He has more than ten years of soccer experience and has captained various teams, and has played in every position besides goalie. But, his favorite is RW (right wing). He is an ambitious person who will do his best to succeed in work, school, and in life.
His favorite food color is green and reds because he likes his food to have color and flavor.
In his free time, he loves to have fun with family and friends. But, loves to play soccer and go to the gym.
Two fun facts about him are he is good with a jump rope and can brighten up anyone’s mood.
He has always had a passion for soccer and being able to share and help others in soccer has been a dream. Especially children, children to him are his key focus. He wants to help out the community by being a good role model to the kids and helping them improve their soccer skills and technique.

Coach Carson

Coach Carson

Part Time Coach

Coach Carson was born in San Diego and has lived here his whole life. He has graduated from San Diego High School of International Studies and plans to continue his studies at CSUSM.

Coach Carson has been playing soccer for 16 years. He started out as a right midfielder/forward for a few years then played center-back for a while and finally has been playing center-mid for the past 6-7 years. His favorite food is watermelon and his favorite color is blue. In his free time, he likes to work out and hang with friends.

A fun fact about Coach Carson is that he is 6 ft 2 inches tall and has really deep dimples. He loves all our Soccer Shots games because they are awesome and exciting but his favorite game is “Mr. Fox”. Coach Carson believes that kids should get a solid foundation for soccer at a young age.

He feels that at Soccer Shots we can provide kids with what they need, like the beginning fundamentals of soccer, to further their soccer career without having to worry about the simple skills of soccer later on.

Coach Courtney

Coach Courtney

Events and Marketing Coordinator

Coach Courtney was born and raised in San Diego. She is a recent graduate from Colorado State University-Global Campus with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. Growing up she played soccer, starting with AYSO and then moving on to playing club for the Chula Vista Rangers.

Coach Courtney was an aggressive, and strong defensive player, but occasionally would play midfield. Her favorite foods are pizza and tacos, and her favorite color is purple. Coach Courtney enjoys doing a variety of activities during her free time like painting, going to the beach, and enjoying some lazy time with her dog.

Two fun facts about her are that she is guilty of being obsessed with anything Disney and she loves to bake. Coach Courtney is passionate about working with Soccer Shots to help children learn and develop the skills they will need to further their love for soccer. She hopes the children will love soccer as much as she did when she was younger.

Coach Deston

Coach Deston

Administrative Assistant

Coach Deston was born in Escondido, CA, and has lived in San Diego most of his life. He studied at UCSD and has lived abroad in Asia as an English teacher. He has been a dancer since his college days and loves to exercise in a fun and exciting ways.

Coach Deston’s favorite food is hot pot and his favorite color is blue!

He loves to sing karaoke. Coach Deston also speaks Chinese, and he knows the secret language called “Ibe.” Ask him to teach it to you!

He loves his hometown and wants to build a better San Diego through building a stronger community.

Hope to meet you soon!

Diego Rodriguez

Part Time Coach

Coach Diego Rodriguez grew up in Madison, Wisconsin. After serving four years of active duty in the Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton he decided to stay in sunny southern California and moved to San Diego where he met his wife.

Coach Diego has a background in child care and education at the Boys and Girls Club, caregiving for the elderly, personal training, emergency medical service, he’s currently working on his associates and majoring in psychology.

Coach Diego wrestled, ran track, and played football in high school. He enjoys playing soccer with his friends on the weekends. He loves Indian food and any and all kinds of BBQ. Coach Diego enjoys spending time with his wife and newborn daughter, martial arts, surfing, diving, and grilling some delicious BBQ. He enjoys painting and sometimes submits his work to local arts shows, he competes often in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo tournaments.

Sports and athletics have had a major positive influence on Coach Diego‘s life. Participating in school sports growing up and later in martial arts training has taught him self-discipline, self-confidence, humility, self-accountability, and honor, lessons that have opened doors for him in life that otherwise wouldn’t have. He strives to encourage and foster those qualities in the next generation through the beautiful game of soccer.

Coach Diego

Coach Diego

Part Time Coach

Originally, Coach Diego is from Oceanside, California. His parents both worked in and for the Military there. When he was entering the fifth grade his Dad was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia. Coach Diego lived in Virginia Beach for 8 years and eventually made his way back to San Diego as he started his senior year of high school, which was 2015.

Ever since then he has been here living in Chula Vista. Coach Diego is half Spanish and half German. He mainly grew up with his Mom’s side of the family because they live here in San Diego. He has a very big family and it’s something he enjoys and takes advantage of whenever he can. Coach Diego grew up living with his parents and older brother, who graduated from a University in Virginia and is currently living there. He currently goes to Southwestern College as a History Major and Administration Minor. He plans to get his Associates’ Degree and transfer to SDSU. His end goal is to become a teacher and while teaching he plans to work on his Masters in Administration to allow him to become a Principle at either an Elementary School or High School.

Coach Diego has played soccer since he was three years old, he started playing for teams in Oceanside up until he moved to Virginia. Once he moved, his soccer career took off through travel and academy teams throughout. Since he was about eight years old, he has been a goalkeeper. Coach Diego’s first goalkeeper coach was Coach Tran of the Old Dominion Soccer Club, who played for the South Korean National Soccer Team through the 1970s.

He had the biggest impact on my soccer career and he shaped me into the Goalkeeper I grew up to be. His way of training is how I teach my students to this day. Coach Diego played soccer in Middle School and through High School starting as the Varsity Goalkeeper all four years, three of which were at Salem High school in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and his final year playing at Hilltop High School. He also played football three years of High School as a Defensive Lineman and the Punter and PAT kicker. In Virginia, he wrestled in his off-season of soccer as well as football in order to stay in shape.

Coach Diego’s favorite food is Italian, he loves pasta and loves to cook it as much as possible. His favorite color is turquoise, a mix of green and blue. He loves to go to the gym in his spare time and hanging out with friends and family whenever he gets the chance. Coach Diego also enjoys going out to new restaurants and trying different foods and exploring new places!

The first fun fact about Coach Diego is that he is a die-hard Sneaker-head, which means he absolutely loves shoes and the street clothing that pairs with them. Another fun fact about him is that he loves to draw- he draws all sorts of things. He may not be the best, but he always has fun doing it!

Coach Diego is passionate about working at Soccer Shots because the age groups that he works with are so receptive to new information and that really allows him to make the biggest and best impact on each player. The style of teaching and the attitude of the coaches really play a benefit to the kids’ learning ability of the sport. This style of teaching also allows for the kids to learn discipline and control over their own playing style and ultimately just having a great time doing it!

Coach Felicity

Coach Felicity

Full Time Coach

Coach Felicity grew up in Fresno, CA, and graduated from CSU Monterey Bay with a Bachelors’s in Psychology. She moved to San Diego in 2019 to pursue a Master’s degree in Counseling and Guidance to attend Point Loma Nazarene University. Soccer is Coach Felicity’s favorite sport that she has been involved with since she was five years old and is ambidextrous with both feet. Her favorite position is a striker but she also enjoys playing defense and left or right midfield!

She also plays disc golf and went on to win the Women’s National Collegiate Disc Golf Championship with her team at CSUMB. GO OTTERS! Coach Felicity’s favorite food consists of anything with pasta and her favorite color is any shade of blue. During her free time, she likes to play video games with friends, be active through sports and walk her dog.

A couple of fun facts about Coach Felicity is that she can make a dolphin noise along with other animal noises and lived in Germany (Hanau) for a year when she was younger. Coach Felicity’s passion for impacting children comes from the desire to positively impact youth through her favorite sport. She loves building confidence through a variety of learning skills and promoting character development and experiencing the momentum of their progress.

She values respect and teaching children what that is all about as well as being silly! Incorporating team-building exercises and creating partnerships within her community is one way she hopes to reach children at this development stage of their life. Through taking children’s wants and needs into consideration, she hopes to provide a healthy fun positive environment for all.

Coach Izzy

Coach Izzy

Operations Coordinator

Coach Izzy was born and raised in San Diego. After completing High School, she moved to different cities mostly Northern California. Her love to be close to her family brought her back to our beautiful San Diego where the beach is never too far.

Soccer was an important part of her childhood as her brother was on a soccer team and she looked forward to Saturday mornings where she would cheer him on. Throughout college, she attended various soccer tournaments as well as keeping up with the World Cup. Her love for the sport and her passion for children brought her to Soccer Shots.

Coach Izzy enjoys volunteering for summer school camps where she is able to impact each child with her energetic personality.   She spends her days off exploring nearby cities. As well as, enjoying the company of family and friends. Regardless, of where she’s going she loves finding small mom-and-pop places to eat.

Jordan Sorilla

Part Time Coach

Coach Jordan was born and raised in San Diego. She is a recent graduate from Wagner College in Staten Island, New York. While at Wagner, she studied political science and psychology and ran Division 1 Cross Country and Track. She plans to continue her education by obtaining a Masters’s in Higher Education Administration.

Coach Jordan is a former preschool teacher as well. Before pursuing her running career, she played soccer for 10 years. She mostly played as an outside midfielder.

Her favorite foods are pasta and carrots; her favorite color is yellow. In her free time, Coach Jordan enjoys hiking and going to the beach.

A couple of fun facts about her are that she loves cats and has been a vegetarian almost all her life. She is passionate about working with children and being able to see the impact she is making on a child’s life.

Coach Michael

Coach Michael

Programs Coordinator

​Coach Michael is originally from Portland, OR.  He moved to San Diego back in 2005 for a new job.  The majority of his career has been spent building sales teams within multiple industries, including healthcare and human resources. 

Although Coach Michael never played competitive soccer, he has spent the last three years coaching both his boys in various soccer teams.  Coach Michael competed in various sports including baseball, wrestling, and hockey. 

Coach Michael has a twin sister and is a 4x fantasy football champion.  He has a passion for building relationships.  Joining the Soccer Shots team allows him to be a kid at heart and role model for his players.

Peter Schulman

Part Time Coach

Coach Peter is from the east coast, New Jersey. He attended Loyola Marymount University where he studied communications and was an active member of the basketball, soccer, and tennis intermural teams.

Coach Peter has worked as a YMCA academic enrichment leader and is excited to combine his passion for working with children and soccer!

Coach Rowan

Part Time Coach

Coach Rowan is from Tucson, Arizona. He started playing soccer at the age of 3 in Nogales, Arizona, and I continued to play throughout high school in Tucson. While he has played all over the field in his career, central midfield is his favorite position because he can be involved on both ends of the pitch and get lots of touches on the ball as well!

Coach Rowan’s favorite food color is green because green food is healthy and makes you grow up to be a big strong soccer player. In his free time, he likes to surf, skate, and play lots of piano.

Two fun facts about him are that he has two adorable dogs back home named Nina and Bella, and another fun fact is that he won a freestyle soccer trick contest before.

Coach Rowan is incredibly passionate about joining Soccer Shots because Soccer was always the best part of the day when he was younger and wants to be able to give as many kids as possible the same opportunities which he had to go have a blast on the soccer pitch.

Coach Sebastian

Coach Sebastian

Business Operations Volunteer

Coach Sebastian is a San Diego native and has lived in Chula Vista all his life. He is an Economics major at San Diego State University and is set to graduate in 2022.

Coach Sebastian has played soccer on and off since he was 3, up until he turned 16. Being a left-footed player he played mainly left back, but occasionally moved up to left wing. He also did swim and dive for high school, as well as cross country for a time.

His favorite food color is arguably green, but blue and red are solid contenders.

During his free time, he likes to go fishing and play Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

One fun fact about Coach Sebastian is that he works for the YMCA as a lifeguard. Another fun one is that he got locked out of his classroom during an actual lockdown in elementary school.

Coach Sebastian is passionate about Soccer Shots because he got the opportunity to learn the sport and experience it at a young age, and would like young players to experience the same love for the sport.

Coach Tiffany

Part Time Coach

Coach Tiffany is from San Diego, California. She was born and raised here her whole life. Coach Tiffany graduated from California State University, Long Beach where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Community Health Science. She plans on continuing her education and getting her Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy.

Coach Tiffany played soccer and field hockey for all four years of high school. She started off as a right back but moved into the striker position and occasionally played as a winger.

Coach Tiffany’s favorite foods are pasta, BBQ, and sushi, and her favorite color is blue. In her free time, she likes to watch soccer, go to the beach, roller skate and explore new places.

Two fun facts about Coach Tiffany are she does not know how to swim and she was in a sorority.

Coach Tiffany is passionate about working for Soccer Shots because soccer was a big part of her life growing up and she hopes to impact children by teaching them the skills not only necessary for soccer but in their daily life and most importantly have lots of fun.

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