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Stories of Impact

Every day, we hear stories from parents and coaches telling us how Soccer Shots has impacted children’s lives. Please read some of our Stories of Impact, and use the form below to tell us your Soccer Shots story.

Great Introduction to the Sport

My son Evan started participating in Soccer Shots at age 3. He has stayed with the game, so thank you for introducing him, and me, to this sport! He now plays for the Dynamo Academy ’09 team. Their team is pretty skilled, so they are playing ’08 teams for the season instead of kids their own age. He visited Dortmund, Germany last summer to play with BVB teams and coaches and he is getting ready to go to Spain to play in the Donosti tournament with his team, Texas Gold. He plays defensive mid and can do 960 right/left juggles. We are so very proud of him!

I wanted to send this as I’m sure every now and then you are curious where the kiddos have gone after leaving Soccer Shots. He doesn’t go a day without wearing a soccer jersey! Since Evan, my son’s Cade and Beck have played at Soccer Shots, and I still have a 1-year-old girl (who shows a lot of soccer promise) that will play one day soon.

We love your program so much.

– Amber L., Parent, Houston, TX

Our Experience Changed in the Most Wonderful Way

A year ago, our Soccer Shots experience changed in the most wonderful way. We started out much the same as many other families. We wanted our children to be active and we had a love for soccer. We were lucky that our school offered Soccer Shots. Knowing very little about the program, we quickly added our oldest to the waiting list. As two working parents with two young children, we were sold on the fact that it was offered onsite and within school hours.

Our 8 year old was able to start in January of 2013. We quickly learned that Soccer Shots was about much more than soccer. The coaches and curriculum reinforced character values that were important to us. After all, don’t we all want to raise good citizens? We soon added a weekend session and enrolled our youngest into parks when he turned two years old. When he turned three, we enrolled him at school.

After more than four years, with the guidance of Alex (the owner of Soccer Shots Houston), we made the life-changing decision to join the Soccer Shots family as the owners of Soccer Shots Ventura County California. We sold our home, moved half-way across the country, found a new home, found a new school and soccer club for our boys, met new friends, while missing our family and old friends, and have never looked back. We are so happy to offer Soccer Shots to children and work tirelessly to replicate the amazing experience we, and our boys, had in Houston.

– Heather and Chad Swannie, Soccer Shots Ventura County, CA

A family program with dedicated coaches

“Our son, William, has been a part of the program since he was 2. He is now 5 years old, and his first coach was Coach Rod. Man, he loved Coach Rod. When we asked William what kind of birthday party he wanted for his 3rd year, of course, he said soccer. Coach Rod typically volunteered at a hospital on Saturday mornings, so we weren’t sure if he could make the party. We told Alex we understood and would let William know. If you could have seen William’s face when he saw Coach Rod the next Friday at his party – It was pure joy. Coach Rod told us he had changed his schedule so he could attend William’s party. He wouldn’t miss it! That’s just half of why we love soccer shots. The coaches care about the players and want them to love soccer as much as they do. It’s such a family program. We’ve had some really great coaches and William always wants to show up trying his best for them each time.

The other half of why we love Soccer Shots is the program itself. William does pull-backs with almost as much enthusiasm as scoring a goal. When he was little, he pretended to be a tiger dashing across the field with as much excitement as if he scored a goal. Each time he kicked over a cone and found the “treasure,” you would have thought he scored a goal. The program teaches kids how to practice soccer skills without making it all about drills. Everything is age appropriate, as you’d want it to be when your child is learning something new.”

– Steven V., Parent, Houston, TX

“Soccer Shots Goes Above and Beyond”

Our son Parker was born with a broken tibia as part of a genetic disorder, Neurofibromatosis (NF). Three years later after a successful surgery and recovery, his doctor recommended he strengthen his leg muscles by joining an organized sport such as soccer. We nervously signed up for Soccer Shots, we were worried the kids would be too rough or he wouldn’t be able to keep up.

From the very first session, we knew we had made the right decision. The coaches not only are incredibly talented soccer players, but they are great with the kids and teach valuable lessons of respect and teamwork in a fun, safe and creative way! For Parker, Soccer Shots has been not only been invaluable physical therapy, but he has also formed great friendships and Coach Brennan is like family to us! Each week he can’t wait to see what creative drills they do, learn the weeks lesson and of course get his sticker!

Alex and Soccer Shots went above and beyond for Parker and chose the Children’s Tumor Foundation, a charity that helps fight for a cure for NF to be the recipient of the funds raised at this year’s Family Field Day. They also participate in our annual Houston NF walk. Not only has Soccer Shots been a great foundation for Parker, but they’ve shown unbelievable care for his future! We can’t thank them enough for what they have done for Parker and our family!

– Bethany B.,Parent, Houston, TX

“Soccer Shots is our favorite by a mile”

photo-1-5“We’ve tried out a few different leagues, from the local recreation center to national groups, and Soccer Shots is our favorite by a mile. It is such a sweet and fun group that focuses on teamwork, confidence, and respect as well as real soccer skills. Picture lots of high fives and kiddos cheering for each other. The spirit is not overly rigorous or competitive, but they are truly playing: they are running, dribbling, shooting, and getting good exercise.

They start each day in a team huddle where the coach introduces a different word of the day such as Respect or Confidence, and a few new skills like dribbling or changing direction. Then they break out into teams and play little games, like “airplane arms” or “kick over the volcanos (cones)” to drive the concepts home. Next each kiddo gets to take a turn to run across the field and shoot the ball into an open goal, all while the other kids excitedly chant their name. Ben-nett Ben-nett. Ben-nett.

But the best part, and the real reason why we believe in team sports in our family, is how happy Bennett is after playing the game. He protects his stamped-hand during bath time and can’t wait to tell his Daddy all about “Coach G” and the “word of the day.” He is so proud of his achievement certificate and loves to demonstrate the new moves he learned. Sweet Graham is just in awe of his big bro out on the field, and he even gets to play a little before practice starts. And my reward? Bennett has sacked out each night this week and slept a solid twelve hours. Exercise does a body good!”

– Candace, Parent, Houston, TX

“Does Coach Cat like marshmallows?”

“Bradley has loved every single season of Soccer Shots, but one. The spring that I was pregnant with our third child, Bradley just wasn’t having it. At all. Coach Cat became the talk of our car for several days as I showed him her picture and read her bio, “Coach Cat likes scooters just like you! Coach Cat likes the beach, just like you!” From the back of the car, Bradley wondered, “Does Coach Cat like marshmallows?” Welp, if that was going to get Bradley back in the game, I was going to make it happen!
I emailed Coach Cat and confirmed, she does indeed like marshmallows. We went to the store and picked some out just for her. Bradley marched to the next practice clutching his ‘mallows and timidly gave them to Coach Cat, who generously shared a few. A little bonding over sugar and Bradley was back on the field! I kept a small bag in my soccer bag just in case, but it wasn’t until the last game that he asked for them and took them to Coach Cat.I’m so thankful to Coach Cat for her gentle encouragement to Bradley that season! What could have been a disaster turned into a great season for Bradley to grow in ability and character…and we’ve been back every season since!”
– Katie H., Parent, Houston

“I cannot thank you enough”


“When Nora started playing soccer she would hang on the goal net. The first time she went to Soccer Shots she cried when she fell on the ground because it was dirty. Now she feels ready to play with the older kids and she’s not intimidated by playing soccer with all the boys. 

I have had a fabulous time watching Nora play soccer. She has learned about sportsmanship. She has adjusted to meeting new coaches and new friends. I think Soccer Shots has had a strong positive impact on Nora and I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for my daughter.”

– Hilary S., Parent, Houston, TX


“Our family has greatly enjoyed watching Diego participate in Soccer Shots since he was 3 years old.  This program has given him the confidence to express himself appropriately both on and off the field, and we appreciate the excellent quality of the program.  We aren’t the first ones to comment on how Soccer Shots provides visible results in every child on the field and we expect it to continue that way for a long time.  We greatly appreciate Coach Alex and Coach Leo’s guidance during Diego’s Soccer Shots experience.”

– Pedro R.,Parent, Houston, TX

The best introduction to my favorite sport

“We have two of our boys enrolled in Soccer Shots classes at this time. We are very happy with the instruction and friendly environment provided by the coaches at Soccer Shots. As a huge fan of soccer, a soccer coach, and a former college soccer player myself, it is important to me to provide my children with only the best introduction to my favorite sport. In Houston, Soccer Shots is the best way to start your child playing soccer. The coaches know the game. They are experienced soccer players themselves and teach the proper techniques and clinical skills in a fun way so that the children will go away from the program as better soccer players.”

– Aric W., Parent, Houston, TX

Technique and Confidence

“We joined Soccer Shots when Rohun was 3 years old and have continued with them until 7 years. Joining this organization was a great move because, as a parent, I wanted Rohun to focus on technique and confidence vs. just having a competitive edge that one can get as they get older. Foundation is important – to understand and love the sport. Having a well-trained coach, like Coach Miguel, who cares about his players, made a world of difference. Rohun now has greater confidence, teamwork, sharpened skills and understands the sport. We just graduated to a recreational league, and he already scored two goals during his first game! Soccer Shots is a great foundation for anyone who wants their children to learn the sport and have a focus on skill vs. competition.” 

– Dolon, Parent, Houston, TX

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