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Winter : Dec 4th – Jan 30th

Winter 2.0 : Feb 5th – March 20th

-SPRING OUTDOOR SEASON: Starts March 28th-

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Meet The Coaches

We are proud to have the best coaches in youth soccer.

Truc Nguyen

Truc Nguyen

Team Captain

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Melissa Wu

Melissa Wu

Program Manager

Coach Melissa is a native New Yorker who has worked with children in some fashion her whole life. Her experience with children spans from taking care of her younger (by 8 years) sister to leading children’s activities aboard a cruise ship. Coach Melissa’s passion and dedication to educating children doesn’t end when she walks off the field. You can find her surrounded by and entertaining the children at almost any event or function she goes to. When Coach Melissa is not coaching soccer, she is making sure everything is running smoothly at Soccer Shots NYC Central Headquarters.

Favorite Food: Ice Cream

Favorite Soccer Shots Game: Sharks and Minnows

Favorite Childhood Memory: Eating Ice Cream with my mom after her Aerobics classes

Robert Martin

Coaching Coordinator

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Eder Herrera

Eder Herrera

Brand Ambassador / Coach

Coach Eder grew up in the city of Los Angeles and his entire life has been influenced by soccer. He learned to build character and lots of life lessons through the beautiful sport of soccer. Growing up with a father who loved soccer more than anything in the world, Eder grew fond of soccer as well. He played semi-pro soccer and has some background in engineering which he’s working on achieving. Eder has been part of Soccer Shots for more than four and a half years; which has taught him to care and love children. His passion and dedication to the growth development of children is what makes him such a special person. He loves the beach and likes to stay very active by going to the gym frequently. His goal is to make an impact on every child and family to ensure that they receive the best experience in our program.

Favorite Food: Burgers

Favorite Soccer Shots Game: Save The City!

Favorite Childhood Memory: Meeting my soccer idol Carlos Ruiz

Rico Jacobs

Rico Jacobs

Brand Ambassador / Coach

James Jacobs AKA “Rico” has been a die hard fan of the game of soccer after being introduced to it by his friends in high school. Ever since then Rico has been involved in various aspects of the game from playing in recreational leagues, refereeing, and now his favorite part coaching for Soccer Shots!  

Favorite Food: NYC Pizza

Favorite Soccer Shots Game: Scrimmages!  

Favorite Childhood Memory: Attending Real Madrid VS. AC Milan at Yankee Stadium

Imad Jbarra

Account Manager

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Nicolas Sirena

Nicolas Sirena


Nicolas is a kind, fun, and social person.  He loves to play soccer and if he’s not playing, hes watching soccer on T.V.  His love for food can be compared to his love for soccer.  He enjoys trying new food, cooking, and watching cooking shows.  Nicolas is also a sports fanatic.  He enjoys watching all kinds of sports as well as playing them.  He loves being physically and mentally active.  One thing for sure is he cannot sit still for long.

Favorite Food: Tacos

Favorite Soccer Shots Game: Wake the Sleeping Giant

Favorite Childhood Memory: Spending time with family

Taylor Biegle

Taylor Biegle


Working with young kids has been a passion of Coach Taylors for many years.  Growing up she was a well rounded athlete and played multiple sports including soccer, softball, basketball, and gymnastics.  Taylor’s other passion is fitness and she’s an avid crossfitter.  She has wrked with young children for ouver 4 years in the classroom and is excited to combine her love for fitness and sports with her desire to impact kids lives and teach the core values they can use to grow.

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Soccer Shots Game: Ice Cream

Favorite Childhood Memory: Sleeping away camp every summer

Employment Opportunities

If you have a passion for positively impacting youth through sports, visit our employment portal to view Soccer Shots job opportunities.