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Stories of Impact

Every day, we hear stories from parents and coaches telling us how Soccer Shots has impacted children’s lives. Please read some of our Stories of Impact, and use the form below to tell us your Soccer Shots story.

Exceptional Experience

My son Henry just attended the Reedville Creek Park Soccer Shots camp last week and I HAD to write you to tell you that I have never experienced such amazing engagement, enthusiasm and involvement with kids like I saw from Alyssa & Sarah. They were EXCEPTIONAL. They were funny, engaged and SO into their job. I just couldn’t even believe it. I actually have Henry signed up for a another sports camp the week of July 20th and I’m going to possibly withdraw him so I can do the soccer camp instead – they were that great.  Please let them know that I so appreciated their hard work and effort AND successful skill development with the kids!! Thanks again for a quality program

– Kerry, mom in Hillsboro

Passion for the Game

We are very excited to see the passion our son Avery (6) has developed over the past four years for soccer. He loves the Saturday sessions and looks forward to Summer Camp! Soccer shots has proven to be instrumental in developing his understanding of soccer, teamwork, sportsmanship and growing his ball handling skills.

We have seen tremendous growth in our other son Anston (4) who is less athletic. He has flourished under the guidance of the coaches, gained a lot of self esteem and really looks forward to going to his soccer class.

Overall, Soccer Shots delivers a holistic program that goes well beyond soccer as it teaches kids fundamental values for life.  Our kids have learned immensely from the coaches and continue to thrive within their empowering environment. 

We wholeheartedly recommend Soccer Shots!

– Evert, dad in NE Portland

The Next Alex Morgan

My daughter is only 4.5 but she thinks Alex Morgan is the greatest. We were lucky enough to meet Alex after one of the Thorns games and Zoe became an instant fan/groupie. Now when she runs, plays, jumps etc….she is doing it just like Alex Morgan!

So, I bought her an Alex Morgan jersey and she wore it to her Soccer Shots class on Tuesday. I asked her who the coach was this season. 

Daughter: It’s still Coach Dylan

Mom: Oh, do you like him?

Daughter: Yes.  I like him.  You know what he calls me? (she leans in and whispers) Alex Morgan.

Mom: no way!

My daughter just looked at me with a big smile of pride and confidence.

It is great to have her learning the game at such an early age in soccer city (and with all the amazing women in the world playing the game for her to look up to), but there is also a lot to be said about how a simple comment from a coach really makes a difference in someone’s life, even if that life is a 4.5 year old. 

Thank you,

– Mom, Portland

Great First Soccer Experience

I just wanted to send in a quick note thanking Soccer Shots and Coach Elliot for providing a great first soccer experience for our son, Seve, at Laurelhurst Park. My mom has been taking him, but my husband and I finally made it to his last session today and it was worth every second. He’s still learning, but he was so proud and had so much fun. Coach Elliot is a perfect coach for the munchkins in my humble opinion—keeps it light-hearted and fun while teaching them some basics. Thank you all!!

– Julie, mom in SE Portland

Positive Community

We love the program, and love the positive community it gives all of us, especially Ohna. She’s learning soccer skills I didn’t learn until well into high school, it truly is amazing. With her Alopecia, we are always looking for ways to expose her to a bunch of different groups that give her a positive community of friends to rely on if she ever needs. Soccer Shots is definitely the kind of community we are always looking for. We try to remind her that her Alopecia is just another type of super-power that will always make her a stronger, well-rounded person, which is a hard concept to explain to a 5 year old, so for now, we just call her the SuperHuman Alopecian.

– Skye, mom in NE Portland

We often can’t get her to even tell us about her day at daycare, but she was very willing to tell us and show us what Coach Lisa taught her in Soccer Shots.

— Jeff W., Parent

His behavior has changed positively & it feels great to know I had an influence helping him make friends, learn new things, & become a better person.

— Mike H., Coach, Soccer Shots DC/MD/VA

From my four-year-old, I have learned about honesty, being a good sport, and how to do a bunch of tricks he likes to practice over and over. We are so grateful for this fantastic program.

— Karen K., Parent, Virginia Beach, VA

My daughter has major social anxiety and is selectively mute, but she LOVES it. I can’t believe it. She is terrified of group activities, but somehow your instructors made her comfortable and she can’t wait to go to class.

— Niki B., Parent

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