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Stories of Impact

Every day, we hear stories from parents and coaches telling us how Soccer Shots has impacted children’s lives. Please read some of our Stories of Impact, and use the form below to tell us your Soccer Shots story.

A Coach that Cares

I have nothing but positive remarks about Coach Matt and the Soccer Shots program! Coach Matt is always there to keep the kids upbeat and is never shy to try and engage a cranky or shy child.  There have been a handful of times where I watched him with my own daughter and others by trying to engage them in the program with simple high-fives and even being silly so they laugh! I will continue to enroll my daughter in this program! I also love that Soccer Shots does not require parents to buy loads of equipment, especially at this young age.  Coach Matt has also been very open and honest about any interruptions in the schedule and never fails to keeps us parents informed!

– Sarah K., Parent, Pittsburgh, PA

Highly organized program

Soccer shots had been a wonderful experience for my grandson. I can see his use of the skills he has learned daily. This experience has improved his listening skills, ability to follow directions and be a team player, sharing and cooperation with others, and it sparked an interest in soccer. He absolutely loves going to Soccer Shots. I am continually amazed by his understanding of the game and use of soccer terms. Your instructors have all been exceptional with the children. The user-friendly website, easy sign-up process, email updates, etc. are all indicators of a highly organized program. We love Soccer Shots! Thank you for offering children this awesome experience.

– Judy V., Grandparent, Pittsburgh, PA


I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you how awesome this program is for my son. I grew up playing soccer my entire life and only played one position (goalie). At first I was a little hesitant to enroll a 2-year-old in the program. WOW, WAS I WRONG.

The program is awesome and Coach Martin is INCREDIBLE! Coaches are what make the sport fun. My son, Caleb, has been asking for Soccer Shots and Coach Martin all week long.

The curriculum is also great. I just can’t say enough great things about this and how much fun it is for Caleb. Thanks again for putting together such a great program.

– Ben R., Parent, Pittsburgh, PA

“That’s Not Fair!”

“I cannot speak highly enough of Coach Mark who taught Soccer Shots at Pittsburgh Mills. My son has high functioning autism and he was so good not only with him, but with ALL the children in the class. He is very patient and has a way of keeping the children’s attention while having fun! My son, Evan, can have a hard time with listening, following directions, socializing with other children, etc. Soccer Shots has helped him tremendously in these areas! He was so sad that today was his last day of soccer and said, “that’s not fair!” I am so happy that Soccer Shots is available to him and we can’t thank Coach Mark enough for being such an awesome coach.”

– Parent, Pittsburgh, PA

pathway into sports

As you know, this spring my son participated in Soccer Shots at Shadyside Academy. When we signed him up for your program, he had almost no experience (or interest) in the sport. However, he willingly started your program and over the last few months has grown to enjoy the sport.

Since starting, he has become an avid player of soccer. He comes home after school and kicks the ball in the backyard with his brother and me. Also, he describes his time in the program affectionately. Clearly, his interest and his skills have blossomed.

As a former collegiate (and now “adult”) athlete, thank you for providing a pathway into sports for my son. I feel he is a kinesthetic learner and one who has a great deal of energy. Soccer appears to be one way to express his physical abilities.

– Brian H., Parent, Pittsburgh, PA

Thank you for such a detailed response! I love this program, and I am more than willing to pay the extra. It's good to hear all that it is used for though. Always nice to know what your money is going to towards. Looking forward to many more sessions with Soccer Shots! You all do a wonderful job, and I am so happy I stumbled across your ad on Facebook. The program has been such a fantastic experience for my son, and I appreciate all that you do. Thanks again! Take care.

— Parent, Pittsburgh, PA

Care, Respect and Honor Children

story-photo“Not a day goes by that I’m not proud of this kid. He just finished another season of Soccer Shots, which is a soccer program designed for a range of ages. But what strikes me about the program is how much love is translated into helping each child grow, explore and enjoy each and every activity. Our coaches, Matthew and Justin, not only take care to be supportive of the needs of each child but also adjust the activities based on their interests- captivating them and helping them flourish so beautifully. My son looks forward to every Monday and practices his skills during the week. He has been able to learn within a social environment, but still keep a sense of himself. We have been so blessed to have him in their care these past few seasons with gentlemen who have a true understanding of what it means to care, respect and honor children. See you guys next session.”

– Leilani H., Parent, Los Angeles, CA

A Piece of “Home”

“Our family recently moved from Texas to the California East Bay Area. Moves like this can be really hard on kids, but we were surprised to find a piece of “home” when we got here.

My daughter attended Soccer Shots at her school in Texas and she absolutely loved it. Imagine our surprise when we found Soccer Shots at the school in our new home town!

We got in touch with the local owners and they were able to get my daughter into a class right away. She got to go to soccer on her first day of school! I know the familiarity with the program helped her to adjust and make new friends. She even wore her Soccer Shots jersey that she got in Texas!

Thank you so much for welcoming us to California. Your program means the world to me!”

– Parent, Contra Costa County, CA

Improved Gross Motor Skills

“Just wanted to drop a note and thank you for having Soccer Shots at Lakeside this spring. My daughter has well developed fine motor skills. However, her gross motor skills are not where they should be. She is very timid about her body and doesn’t even like to jump with both feet off the floor. While we (my husband and myself) are pretty sure why her gross motor skills are so lacking, we are having her tested to confirm.

Meanwhile, we have seen a great advancement in her running, balance and overall physical confidence (she now will join in roughhousing with her cousins), since participating in Soccer Shots! It gives us some measure of hope that she will be able to overcome her issues. So again, thank you!”

– Beverly W., Parent, Lancaster, PA

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