Soccer Shots On The Go – Classic Week 2

About Soccer Shots On The Go

Welcome to Soccer Shots On The Go, an online program that uses our expert-approved curriculum to help children get moving and have some fun at home or school! We hope that your children will be able to have some fun, get active and learn.

What You Will Need:

To view our video sessions, you will need a computer, tablet, or smartphone. We recommend having a soccer ball (or any playball) and up to six toys or stuffed animals readily available. Children can participate inside or outside as long as they have a 5ft by 8ft safe space to play and have fun!

Classic Session - Video 2

(Ages 3-5)

Click the video below to play the session!

Watch Classic Session

Classic Session - Activity Guide

Engaging activities for after the session

After watching the video, download our weekly Activity Guide which recaps our session and provides fun activities to do at home!

Download Classic Activity Guide



Get together with your neighborhood crew and have fun with these socially distant activities.




Wondering how to get your child to exercise even if it’s not your thing?




This week, talk with your child about different emotions and create a book of feeling words.





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More At-Home Activities!

We understand that times are difficult right now, especially for our children. While we miss seeing our friends on Soccer Island, we’ve been hard at work creating educational activities for families to keep the fun going at home! Get the whole family involved with our at-home activities to create a better learning experience for your child. We’re committed to the growth and development of our soccer friends, no matter the distance.

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