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Stories of Impact

Every day, we hear stories from parents and coaches telling us how Soccer Shots has impacted children’s lives. Please read some of our Stories of Impact, and use the form below to tell us your Soccer Shots story.

The Coaches Have Become Family

Soccer Shots has been a huge part of our lives for the last 3 years. Our oldest was introduced to Soccer Shots through her daycare in Cypress. She has loved it since day one! We have had our daughter in Cypress, Houston, Spring/Woodlands not only getting closer to our home, but following our favorite coaches wherever they are coaching. All of the coaches that she has had over the last 3 years have been nothing short of amazing! The coaches have been beyond helpful and not only taught her soccer techniques, but have incorporated a strong work ethic, teamwork and confidence! They have all become like family to us and especially to our daughter. We can’t wait to see how much she grows over the next few years with Soccer Shots!

– R. Lockwood, Parent, The Woodlands/Spring, TX

Positivity shown by all coaches

There are so many things to love about Soccer Shots! I enrolled my son when he was 3-years-old. After his first session, we tried another soccer program but immediately returned to Soccer Shots. We love the curriculum offered by Soccer Shots and the positivity shown by all the coaches our son has had. We were fortunate to have the same coach for several sessions and she considered our son as “hers.” We have seen our son shine on the soccer field! He takes pride in the abilities he has learned and continues to learn. Thank you, Soccer Shots!

– Tara B., Parent, Spring, TX

Highly Recommend Soccer Shots!

My twin daughters have been attending Soccer Shots for over 2 years. They both absolutely love it and look forward to going every week. The program has been great at teaching them the beginning fundamentals of soccer, but also teaching them teamwork. Coach Harley and the other coaches do an amazing job at encouraging the kids to do their best. Highly recommend Soccer Shots!

– Ashley H., Parent, The Woodlands/Spring, TX

Confidence Booster!

Luke has been in Soccer Shots since he was 2.5 years old. He is now 4 and we have seen his confidence grow so much while in Soccer Shots as well as his skill in the sport! He loves going to soccer every Monday and seeing Coach Harley and his fellow teammates! He not only learns soccer skills but wonderful values, such as teamwork, listening and respect. We love Soccer Shots and will be continuing it for many years!!!

– Parent, The Woodlands/Spring, TX

From the very first day they stepped on the field, my girls felt comfortable and confident at Soccer Shots. This is due in large part to the phenomenal coaching staff who always made sure to get down on their level and truly connect with them. Even on days we didn't have soccer, both of my girls would be asking to see their coaches. This speaks to how tremendous they truly are. In addition to the coaching staff, we were also thoroughly impressed by the weekly lessons that each focused on a character word and a soccer skill. These are such formative years and I love how time was carved out during each lesson to teach a new character concept that could be reinforced at home. My daughters would both chant their new character word of the week throughout the house. I am incredibly thankful for how this program grew my children in multiple ways. They entered their first class timid and uncertain and left self-assured with new soccer skills to boot. Watching their confidence grow from session to session was one of my favorite moments. We are so impressed with our Soccer Shots experience!

— Parent, Soccer Shots The Woodlands/Spring, TX

Care, Respect and Honor Children

story-photo“Not a day goes by that I’m not proud of this kid. He just finished another season of Soccer Shots, which is a soccer program designed for a range of ages. But what strikes me about the program is how much love is translated into helping each child grow, explore and enjoy each and every activity. Our coaches, Matthew and Justin, not only take care to be supportive of the needs of each child but also adjust the activities based on their interests- captivating them and helping them flourish so beautifully. My son looks forward to every Monday and practices his skills during the week. He has been able to learn within a social environment, but still keep a sense of himself. We have been so blessed to have him in their care these past few seasons with gentlemen who have a true understanding of what it means to care, respect and honor children. See you guys next session.”

– Leilani H., Parent, Los Angeles, CA

A Sense of Compassion

“As a mother of a child on the Autism Spectrum, Soccer Shots not only brought physical activity to our family but a sense of compassion, team work, and responsibility, all which are core values we are working towards instilling in our children. I was very proud of my little player and his coach every week when I watched from the sideline.”

– Gina F., Parent, State College, PA

Improved Gross Motor Skills

“Just wanted to drop a note and thank you for having Soccer Shots at Lakeside this spring. My daughter has well developed fine motor skills. However, her gross motor skills are not where they should be. She is very timid about her body and doesn’t even like to jump with both feet off the floor. While we (my husband and myself) are pretty sure why her gross motor skills are so lacking, we are having her tested to confirm.

Meanwhile, we have seen a great advancement in her running, balance and overall physical confidence (she now will join in roughhousing with her cousins), since participating in Soccer Shots! It gives us some measure of hope that she will be able to overcome her issues. So again, thank you!”

– Beverly W., Parent, Lancaster, PA

Reaching and Connecting With Children

“The first time attending a Soccer Shots class can be a little intimidating for any child, and for this particular little girl, it seemed to be overwhelming. At the first Soccer Shots class, the teacher informed me that she would not be likely to participate. After hearing this, I made a personal goal for myself that I would attempt to reach her even if just for a moment of the class.

During the first class I made effort to connect with her and place the ball at her feet so she could join if she felt comfortable. When it was time to score a goal, the class was so excited and she really wanted to participate. She stood by the goal and kicked the ball back out for each child. Then it was her turn. The class clapped and cheered as she kicked the ball into the net. It was a great achievement for the day, but the smile and high five that followed brought an even bigger joy.

After the class the teacher was very impressed and thought it was amazing that she participated and enjoyed the class. It was great to hear this feedback, but this class was just the start and I had a strong motivation to make Soccer Shots a fulfilling experience for this little girl.”

– Soccer Shots Coach

A Piece of “Home”

“Our family recently moved from Texas to the California East Bay Area. Moves like this can be really hard on kids, but we were surprised to find a piece of “home” when we got here.

My daughter attended Soccer Shots at her school in Texas and she absolutely loved it. Imagine our surprise when we found Soccer Shots at the school in our new home town!

We got in touch with the local owners and they were able to get my daughter into a class right away. She got to go to soccer on her first day of school! I know the familiarity with the program helped her to adjust and make new friends. She even wore her Soccer Shots jersey that she got in Texas!

Thank you so much for welcoming us to California. Your program means the world to me!”

– Parent, Contra Costa County, CA

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