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Meet The Coaches

We are proud to have the best coaches in youth soccer.

Coach Callista R.

Coach Callista R.


Coach Callista is the owner and operator of Soccer Shots Grand Rapids. Along with this role, Callista loves getting on the field and coaching our Soccer Friends! Callista has many years of experience and training in childhood development, and has participated in athletics since childhood. Callista has a genuine passion for leaving a lasting impact on the children we serve and making it a unique experience for everyone involved.

Coach Mary E.

Coach Mary E.

Director of Coaching

Coach Mary, Director of Coaching, has played and coached a variety of sports throughout her life, including 17 years of playing soccer. She has many years of experience working with children as a coach, camp counselor, and youth specialist. Mary is truly passionate about what we do at Soccer Shots and passes that on to our coaches who are trained to be the best in the industry. When Mary is on the field, she truly excels in engaging the children with creativity and excitement.

Coach Haley K.


Coach Haley has a long time passion for serving her community, particularly children. Haley has many years of soccer experience, and loves sharing her knowledge with children through Soccer Shots. With a history of working with younger children, Haley thrives by bringing positive energy to the field. She strives to make every Soccer Shots experience a fun and exceptional one!

Coach Ryan D.


Coach Ryan radiates with his positive energy and enthusiasm. Ryan has a history of playing soccer, and is excited to pass on his knowledge and love of the sport. Ryan loves getting down to the children’s level and being silly with them! When it comes to Soccer Shots, Ryan ensures children learn while having a great time on the field.

Employment Opportunities

If you have a passion for positively impacting youth through sports, visit our employment portal to view Soccer Shots job opportunities.